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Art Deco design - win-win

Art Deco is a design style that has been around for nearly a century and continues to grow in popularity.
Art Deco style is a timeless style that brings elegance and sophistication to spaces. And when it comes to commissioning design projects, Kontrast design studio provides a win-win situation for both the client and the designer. The client can receive an impressive end product that reflects their unique vision, while the designer can have creative freedom and access to turnkey renovation orders.

This type of design has become more and more popular in recent years thanks to the combination of classic and modern elements that make it easy to adapt to any type of interior or exterior space. With the Kontrast design studio, both the client and the designer have the opportunity for successful cooperation, which leads to excellent results!


Evgenia Bubenshchikova is an experienced designer specializing in Art Deco design. She can help you turn your project into reality by offering her turnkey repair services. With her industry experience, she can make sure your project is completed with precision and grace. With her creative ideas, you can be sure your home will be transformed into something special with an Art Deco touch.

Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
With a turnkey renovation order, designers can create designs tailored to their clients' needs, and clients can be confident that their orders will be completed quickly and efficiently. In addition, with the many different materials available for use in Art Deco design projects, there is something for everyone.

Therefore, if you want to receive an order decorated or renovated in the Art Deco style, do not hesitate - order it right now!

Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Whether you're looking to commission a turnkey design project or renovate an existing one, Eugenia's Art Deco experience can provide you with the perfect solution. She knows how to combine traditional elements with modern trends to create stunning and timeless designs that will make any space look stunning.

With her help and the professionals of the Kontrast design studio, your projects can enjoy the win-win benefits of both classic and contemporary styles.

Kontrast's prices are competitive and we offer free consultations, so contact us today to inquire about your project!
Find out how much a turnkey renovation costs by writing or calling us, unleash the design potential of your space and get comprehensive support for your dream project - all this is kindly provided by our design bureau!
— Evgenia Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio