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Additional services

Author's supervision

Control over the compliance of construction and installation works with the project and working documentation developed on its basis.

Timely resolution of all technical issues related to the project and working documentation developed on its basis, arising during the construction process.

  • Resolution of issues related to making changes to the working and/or project documentation, the need for which arose during the construction process, within the scope, procedure, and deadlines established by the contract for the execution of design and survey work or an additional agreement to this contract.

770 $ / month

Full compliance with the design project
Time savings
Remote report


We collaborate with over 500 furniture and decor manufacturers and suppliers.

We order, ensure delivery, and control the installation of finishing materials and interior items in accordance with the project based on specifications, including:

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Size
  • Supplier
  • Quantity
  • Image.

From 650 $ / month

Full compliance with the design project
Time savings
Remote report

Designer consultation

A designer consultation will help you determine the interior style of your property. Firstly, we discuss the parameters of your space to create a layout. Then, we discuss the style and color scheme with you to understand the visual aspect of the room. After gathering information, we provide options for finishing materials, furniture, and decor to best suit your budget. After the consultation, we provide you with a PDF file of what we discussed.

  • Layout
  • Style
  • Color scheme
  • Budget

200 $/ 1,5 -2 hours

Full compliance with the design project
Time savings
Remote report

Working with other cities and countries

We create projects for any point in the world. All communication is conducted through the WhatsApp messenger and video conferencing software Zoom or Skype.

We will conduct the acquaintance via audio or video communication. After signing the contract, we create the project in a system where we will provide you with information about the project stage and a chat in the messenger for communication with you.

We are engaged in finding and verifying a specialist, and according to our technical task, they will carry out measurements.

We send our specialist to your city/country to carry out the measurements. Payment is made according to the price list

Room measurement

Flight conditions

Flight conditions
- Business class
  • Airlines: Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air France, Finnair, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air, Rossiya, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines

Accommodation conditions:
  • A 4-star hotel or higher;
  • The hotel rating is no less than 8.5

The cost per one working day of one specialist is 330 $

Departure to the site is carried out by two specialists (the studio manager and the lead designer)

Where to start cooperation?



The Contract Signing

During the process

Final stage

If you are contacting our company for the first time, it is in your best interest to consult with a professional designer. Please write to us via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram Direct, or phone number.

Our office is located in the city center of Moscow, and a meeting can be scheduled or arranged at any time of the day and any day. If you are not from Russia or located in another city, we can hold a meeting via video communication in Zoom or Skype. During the meeting, we will discuss all the details of the future project with you.

In order to create a contract, we need to know the area of your premises and the type of object we will be working with. This can be a private interior design or a commercial space (office, restaurant, cafe, etc.). We also need to know which services you require and which package offer would be suitable for you.

Once we have gathered the necessary information and designed the approximate stages of work, it is up to you to decide on collaboration. After that, we will sign a contract with you and proceed with the implementation.

We will inform you about the project stages, what steps we need to take, and our approach to turnkey renovations. We will also provide you with information about the total cost of the project and how we can help you save money on furnishings. We offer full support and handle all the tasks, while you can monitor the project progress 24/7 in our system. You will be added to the project chat for easy communication.

After handing over the project to you, we provide you with a design project with visualizations and drawings. You have the opportunity to continue working with us. Our company has its own construction crews with professional foremen and qualified builders with extensive experience in implementing complex projects.

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