About the company

Evgeniya Bubenshchikova

The Head of KONTRAST design studio

I, Evgeniya Bubenshchikova, am an individual interior designer and the Head of the Kontrast studio.

For many years, the Kontrast design studio has been helping its clients create their dream homes and apartments through exclusive design projects.

Our mission is not to build, but to create. Each of our design projects is a look into the modern future. We create unique and premium interiors in various design styles.

When creating each new apartment design, we pursue only one main goal - to implement not only an individual, stylish, but also a fully functional ergonomic interior that meets all the needs and financial capabilities of our clients.

About the company

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Modern interior design is multifaceted, but it is characterized by a distinctive trend - a desire for functionality. Our company knows how to make a unique interior in various styles. We are capable of making any luxury real estate comfortable, exquisite, and unique.

The design studio "Kontrast" has been helping its customers create dream homes for exclusive design projects for many years. But let's figure out what interior design is, why spend time and resources on design project development services? Is it necessary to hire a designer, or can you come up with everything yourself? First of all, interior design of apartments or houses is not just about decorating rooms using design techniques, and an apartment designer is not just a person who knows how to use these techniques.

Of course, beauty and sophistication are not the least important aspects of such matters, but first and foremost, designing a room involves skillful space formation and division. Everything should be arranged in such a way that the room is not only unique and perfect but also comfortable and fully satisfying all the customer's everyday requirements.

In addition, our company provides additional services in the form of author supervision and equipment. We work with luxury real estate, but at quite democratic prices. Kontrast Design uses the latest developments in design and knowledge in the field of construction technology in the process of work.
By ordering a design project from us, the customer can be sure that all design project work will be completed on time. When purchasing furniture and decor elements, we take into account all your preferences and wishes, as well as during the implementation process. Each design project is unique in its own way, and it is essential for us that when you come to your apartment or house, you feel maximum comfort and coziness.

We will be glad to see you at our interior and environmental design studio "Kontrast".