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Art Deco Style in Interior Design: Main Features, Techniques, Photos.
Trend 2023-2024!

Art Deco is considered one of the most mysterious directions in design. It combines "uncombinable" elements and lacks strict rules. At the same time, of course, there are basic trends, which we will discuss below.
Art Deco is translated as "decorative art" and pronounced without the letter "t".

However, on the internet and in common usage, we often hear "art deco", which is incorrect but not a gross mistake.

This style is classified as modern. It combines features of other styles, such as modernism and neoclassicism. It can be described as a "contemporary embodiment of wealth and luxury"!
The main trends of Art Deco style
in interior design are
In an Art Deco interior design, various decorative elements such as vases, figurines, carpets, animal skins, and items with geometric ethnic ornaments (circles, zigzags, unique shapes) fit in perfectly.
Interior items
The Art Deco style is perfect for those who love to be in the spotlight and surprise others, which is why the interior objects here will be works of art:

large unusual chandeliers, mirrors of different shapes, decorations, paintings.
The Art Deco style is exemplified by one of our projects completed in 2023, a 150 sq.m. apartment in the ZilArt residential complex (pictured below).
Shades and color palette in the Art Deco style
The design in this style is already very vibrant due to the large number of different materials, textures, and interior elements, so it is necessary to stick to calm shades when choosing colors. Bright accents are possible.

The most commonly used colors in the Art Deco style are:

  • Burgundy
  • Dark blue
  • Muted yellow
  • Lavender
  • Purple
  • White
  • Brown
Take a look at the color design solutions we used in the design project of the apartment in the ZilArt residential complex.
Decor is especially welcomed in Art Deco and even serves as a foundation.
One of the key decorative elements of the style is mirrors.

Large, massive mirrors in original frames, as well as mirrors of various unusual shapes, are perfect.

The example can be seen in the photo below.

Vases, statues of different sizes, and geometric abstractions are also welcomed in the decor of this style.

The most important advice from designers when placing decor is the principle of measure! Remember that there is a fine line between "luxury" and "tastelessness" here, so keep the measure in the use of decorative elements.

In this project, our designers were able to preserve modern luxury and a sense of taste.
Art Deco style requires a lot of light.

Massive chandeliers, lamps, sconces, and lampshades of various shapes and materials are perfect for this style.

The principle in choosing lighting fixtures remains the same - bold, bright, and original!

Check out the video visualization below from our project implemented in the Art Deco style!
Finishing and materials
In the Art Deco style, beauty and atmosphere are in the forefront.

Glossy surfaces, natural veneer, porcelain stoneware, metal and metallic surfaces (silver or gold-plated), leather, fur, and animal hides are perfect materials for this style.

This style also welcomes unusual textures, multilevel and multilayer structures.

The Art Deco style is perfect for those who love to be in the spotlight and surprise others, so both the interior items and decor pieces will be works of art: large and unusual chandeliers, mirrors of various unconventional shapes, decorative objects, paintings.

"Art Deco is one of our main directions in projects!

At Buro Kontrast Design, an interior design studio in Moscow, we are happy to help you bring to life even your boldest wishes."
Evgeniya Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio.