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Bathroom Design: Trends for 2023! 50 photos!

50 photos of examples of bathroom interior design for apartments and country houses.
Interior design of a modern bathroom, unlike the classical style, which is limited by strict rules, can be absolutely diverse. However, along with the freedom of choice, difficulties arise: which color scheme, furniture, and finish to choose so that the design pleases the eye and remains relevant for many years?

Let's figure it out below.
The bathroom or shower room is the place in the house where you can "wash off" the tension accumulated during the day, relax and rest. That is why the bathroom plays one of the key roles in the interior.

To create a bathroom space in a modern style, several main points need to be followed.

Comfort and space

With an open layout, it is possible to create a spacious and airy feeling even in a small area.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Transparent glass partitions
  • Furniture with simple geometric shapes
  • "Floating" plumbing fixtures
  • Light colors and calm shades
Design project of a bathroom in the Kutuzovsky residential complex
Executed in a modern style.


An important rule in modern design is functionality and practicality. Each detail should have a practical application, be ergonomic and multifunctional.
Design project of a bathroom in the Dominanta residential complex,
executed in the neoclassical style.


The most common options for finishing are tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain stoneware.

Modern style allows the use of any finishing options. The important factors are quality and water resistance.

Design project of a bathroom and shower area in the Aliya residential complex. Completed in neoclassical style.
Design project of a bathroom and shower area in the "Mayak" residential complex. Designed in a modern style.

We also present several more design projects for bathrooms and shower rooms, executed in apartments and country houses with the use of various design solutions by the specialists of the design studio "Buro Kontrast".

Design project of a relaxation area with a bathtub in the cottage Chateau Soveren Executed in a modern style.
Design project of a bathroom in the residential complex "Tricolor"
executed in neoclassical style.
Design project of a bathroom in the cottage "Polesye"
executed in a modern style.
Design project of a bathroom-shower room in the Kutuzovsky Life residential complex executed in a modern style.
Get inspired by our interior design examples and experiment! And we will be happy to help with the implementation of both the design project and the turnkey renovation in your apartment or country house!
Evgeniya Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio