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The cost of an interior design project and turnkey renovation for a country house in Moscow

Creating the perfect home interior is a huge challenge for most homeowners. But don't worry, with the help of modern interior design, you can create the perfect living space for yourself and your family.

We will discuss how to approach the interior design of a country house in a modern style, and what project order and design solutions to consider when carrying out such a project.

From designing a premium-class home to turnkey renovation services in Moscow, we will consider all the options you have when designing or updating your home's interior.
The cost of design project and renovation services
The first thing to start with is the design project of the future country house. The second is the actual renovation according to the design project.

The cost of design and renovation services in a country house depends on the complexity of the project, the area of the object (in sq.m), as well as the qualification and experience of the leading designer of the project and the experience of the working team that will carry out the renovation.

In addition, the service of author's supervision over all stages of the renovation will help you free up your time, save your nerves, and simply enjoy the final result.
The cost of design project and renovation services
The cost of design project and renovation services
Examples of interior design projects for a country house
Design project of the Chalet Chateau Soveren cottage
Design project of the cottage "Polesye"
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Evgeniya Bubenshikova, founder of Kontrast design studio