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Interior design for a girl's bedroom

3 design project options for girls' bedrooms of different ages with photos
Assembling a modern and stylish room for a girl or a young woman can be a challenging task. However, with the right interior design, you can create a beautiful and whimsical space that your daughter will cherish for years to come.

In this article, we will showcase examples of design projects for girls' rooms in a modern style, created by our design studio "Buro Kontrast."
Interior design is an art form that can simultaneously soothe and inspire.
Creating a modern interior design for a girl's room requires both a creative approach and technical knowledge in space planning, materials, and textures.

Taking into account the individual tastes, preferences, and lifestyle of the girl or young woman, the designer must organize the space while also providing surprises.

By carefully considering the scope of the project, budget constraints, and design solutions capable of achieving the desired result, the designer can create a cozy yet functional room for a little girl or young woman in a modern style.
Design project of a girl’s bedroom in the Mayak residential complex
Design project of a girl's bedroom in Lefortovo Park residential complex
Are you looking for a modern interior design for your daughter's room?

Our team of experienced designers can help you create the perfect space. In our modern style, we use bold colors, metallic accents, and geometric shapes to give the room a sense of sophistication and elegance. We also incorporate natural elements such as wood, plants, and textiles to create a cozy atmosphere. Our designs are both stylish and functional, making the space comfortable and practical.
Designing a room for a 10-15 year old girl
Designing a room for a 10-15 year old girl requires a balance between modern design elements and timeless features to create an attractive and engaging space.

From selecting the right furniture and color scheme to incorporating accessories, there are many ways to make her room stunning. Whether you want to create a minimalist or maximalist look, you can find plenty of inspiration to create the perfect modern girl's bedroom.
Design project for a girl's room in Trikolor residential complex.
Do you want to create a unique stylish space for your daughter?

Our modern interior design services will give your daughter's room a luxurious, fashionable look that she will love.

From choosing the right paint to selecting the perfect accessories and furniture, we will help you create a room that reflects her individuality and style.

With years of experience in interior design, we can help bring your daughter's dream room to life.
Evgeniya Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio