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Design of a country house interior

Recommendations of designers, trends 2023-2024, examples.
Many of us want to come home and relax, away from the noise and hustle of the city, which is why the interior of a cottage or country house should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Proximity to nature, the ability to arrange a large space, high ceilings - all of this helps designers create a truly ergonomic, beautiful, cozy, and convenient space for future homeowners.

However, there are several general recommendations from designers that are worth knowing when creating the interior design of a cottage or country house. We will discuss them below.
Designers' tips:
The first and main recommendation is as follows:

It is important to maintain harmony between the interior and exterior of the countryside house. In other words, while the interior of an apartment does not always depend on the specifics of the building or its location, the design of the interior of a private house will still directly depend on the construction of the building. For example, a modern interior design may not look quite harmonious inside a log cabin with antique elements. Therefore, maintaining harmony is the first and important principle when designing the interior of a countryside house or cottage.

As for the interior design within the premises, there are the following nuances:

  • A unified style;
  • A well-chosen color scheme;
  • High-quality finishing materials;
  • Furniture items that match the style of the entire interior;
  • Suitable lighting.

All of these factors must be taken into account when creating a beautiful interior design for a cottage, townhouse, or countryside house.

Color Solutions
When creating any interior design (apartment, country house, cottage, etc.), it is important to choose a common color palette. Incorrectly chosen color scheme can subsequently reduce productivity and worsen well-being. Of course, it also depends on individual preferences, but there are also general patterns.

Designers recommend choosing neutral and calm tones as a basis and using bright shades as accents. However, the style you have chosen may imply other color solutions, so different colors can be used.
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio
In the interiors of country houses or cottages, it's not necessary to clutter the space with a large number of furniture items. For small homes, multifunctional solutions are the best option. In spacious areas, large-sized furniture items will look advantageous.

However, it should be remembered that the most harmonious combination is the combination of large-sized furniture and small details.
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio
When it comes to lighting, once again, the main guideline is the overall coherence of the chosen style of the countryside house. Depending on the background, surfaces, and design decisions, various chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, fixtures, and so on are chosen. They can be light, dark, or colorful. Remember, the main thing is to maintain the overall style and atmosphere of coziness and relaxation.
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio
Design project of a cottage created by Buro Kontrast Design studio

Examples of interior design for a country house

Take a look at the examples of interiors for country houses created by our Buro Kontrast design studio in the Modern Art Deco style.

Here, natural veneer, brass, many mirrors and glass, geometric shapes, and moldings are used.
Get inspired by our examples of apartment and country house interiors and experiment! And we will be happy to help with the implementation of both the design project and the "turnkey" renovation of your apartment or house!
Evgeniya Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast Design Studio.