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Minimalism is the style of free people

Minimalism is a popular interior design style that emphasizes simplicity and freedom. It is characterized by clean lines, minimal decor and an overall open feel.
Minimalism is a lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity and freedom from material possessions. This style has been around since the 1960s but has become more popular in recent years as more people embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Recently, it has gained popularity due to the focus on creating an environment that allows for more attention, creativity, and peace of mind.

Evgenia Bubenshchikova is a designer specializing in minimalistic (and not only) design projects. She offers turnkey solutions for clients who want to bring a sense of harmony and balance to their space. Her work includes bespoke design projects such as room layouts, furniture selection, color schemes and home accessories. She also offers proposals for renovation orders for existing premises that need renovation or refurbishment.

Evgenia's approach to design is to create an environment that is not only aesthetic, but also functional and efficient for everyday life. Her work has helped many people achieve their goal of living a simpler life with more freedom.

Through her work, Evgenia shows how minimalism can be used to create beautiful, clutter-free spaces that can provide the perfect escape from the chaos of everyday life.
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Minimalism is a lifestyle that allows people to feel free from the clutter and chaos of modern life. Created by designer Evgenia Bubenshchikova and her team at Kontrast, the minimalist design is becoming increasingly popular as it offers simple yet stunning visuals to create a sense of freedom and serenity.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey design project or just need to renovate the interior of your home or office, Evgenia Bubenshchikova's minimalist projects will help you create an organized and aesthetically pleasing space. Her minimalistic approach to design helps to find order in chaos and make the most of available space.

With its design, you can say goodbye to clutter and welcome order!

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— Evgenia Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio