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Partitions in the interior of the apartment:
an art object or a necessity?

Partitions are not only functional elements, but also aesthetic ones. They can create visual interest and set the mood with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, and fabric.
When it comes to interior design, partitions are a great way to divide and organize a space. With their help, you can separate the living room from the dining room or kitchen, or even just separate the bedroom.

Designer Evgenia Bubenshchikova offers a variety of designs and styles of partitions that will help you create the perfect interior for your apartment. Whether you need a turnkey repair or installation, she can ensure you get the best value for your money.

Let Evgenia Bubenshchikova and her design bureau "Kontrast" help you bring your dream apartment to life!

Interior design is an art in itself, and it can drastically change the look of any space. In particular, partitions can give a living space a unique charm, making it stand out from the rest.
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
But are these partitions necessary or just an aesthetic choice?

Designer Evgenia Bubenshchikova believes that partitions are necessary if you want to create a coherent image that links together different parts of the apartment. She also advocates using them as a way to bring creativity into your home as well as make it more practical and functional.

So, whether you're looking for design inspiration or planning a turnkey renovation service, room dividers can be just what your interior needs to make it truly special. Apartments should be tastefully designed and decorated not only for aesthetics but also for practicality.

Partitions in the interior of the apartment are a great way to divide the space and at the same time make the most of it. It can be used to create more private rooms, an office space, or even used as an art piece.
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Design project by Buro Kontrast Design
Designer Evgenia Bubenshchikova and design bureau "Kontrast" create stylish and unique partitions for their clients. They can design and install custom partitions that fit perfectly with your home's interior design.

The cost of turnkey renovation projects depends on your needs and budget, but you can be sure that the Kontrast Design Bureau will provide you with only high quality results.

With our help, your apartment will become a dream come true!
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— Evgenia Bubenshchikova, founder of Kontrast design studio